National Geographic Pristine Seas 2024 recaps on extensive science survey conducted in 2016 and followed up in 2023

Join us as we embark on the next leg of The Global Expedition! In a harmonious collaboration with the Government of Niue and Tofia Niue, the National Geographic Pristine Seas team has returned to this breathtaking Pacific island nation. Our mission? To build upon the extensive science survey conducted in 2016, supporting community-led efforts for sustainable management.
An esteemed National Geographic Society, a global non-profit organization dedicated to exploring, illuminating, and safeguarding the marvels of our world, Pristine Seas represents a beacon of conservation and scientific exploration.
Come along on this enthralling journey of science and discovery as we delve into Niue’s pristine seas. Follow our updates and be part of the movement to protect and cherish the natural wonders of our planet.

NOW Trust & OCC Impact at COP28

November – December 2023

At COP28, our initiative made waves with its powerful impact on ocean conservation and sustainability. People from all walks of life were inspired by our dedication to preserving marine ecosystems and promoting a sustainable blue economy. The overwhelming positive reaction from attendees has ignited a wave of support, with many expressing a strong desire to join our cause and contribute to a brighter, more resilient future for our oceans. Join us in making a difference and be part of this incredible journey towards a healthier planet!

Dive into our videos where passion meets purpose, driving meaningful change in the region and worldwide. Explore how every commitment in OCC sponsorship, no matter how small, ignites a ripple effect, shaping a brighter tomorrow. Join us as we celebrate the power of collective action and the enduring impact of each inspiring story.

Key Events Featuring the OCC initiative at COP28

OCC Sponsorship and Pledges Fulfilled at COP28

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President of Tofia Niue – Coral Pasisi, Project Manager of Niue Ocean Wide – Brendon Pasisi together with Premier of Niue Hon. Dalton Tagelagi launched a World First – Smart financing mechanism – the NOW Trust and Ocean Conservation Commitment (OCC) initiative in New York during climate week. Showcasing Niue’s contribution not only in the pacific but globally towards sustainability measures and climate action and adaption.

September 2023

Links to Articles of the NOW Trust and OCC launch in New York

Guardians of the Niue Moana Mahu – Empowering Locals to Protect Our Oceans

Meet some of our amazing Ocean Stewards! Supporting the OCC initiative

Witness the incredible locals taking ownership , showing leadership, and expressing immense interest in the OCC initiative. They are not just participants but passionate ocean stewards and guardians of Niue Moana Mahu , dedicated and committed to protecting our marine ecosystems leading the way towards a sustainable future for our oceans and people.

President of Tofia Niue briefs UN Security Council
Ministerial High Level Open debate