Over the past decade

Niue has been a global leader in its commitments, policy development and action towards our oceans and its resources. NOW Trust in close partnership with the Niue government seeks to enable a broader shift towards holistic, country-led conservation and sustainable financing by inspiring stakeholders around the world to play their role in protecting our oceans

Most significantly, Niue has committed to protect 100% of its EEZ under a comprehensive marine spatial management plan (MSMP), establishing the Niue Nukutuluea Multipurpose Marine Park. This groundbreaking commitment builds on an already established large-scale marine protected area, Niue Moana Mahu, which protects 40% of its EEZ under strict no-take policies.

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How we got here


Establishment of NOW Project


Expedition Niue - Comprehensive ecological baseline survey of Niue and Beveridge Reef with National Geographic Pristine Seas. This survey formed the basis of recommending Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas (LSMPA)


Cost Benefit Analysis


Niue announces commitment to establishing 40% protection of its EEZ


Development of the Marine Spatial management plan and compliance strategy of Niue begins


An amendment to the Marine Zones Act creates the legal basis for LSMPA creation


Sustainable Tourism Policy and Accreditation guidelines developed


NOW innovative Sustainable Financing Strategy approved for development


Compliance and Enforcement Plan developed


Moana Mahu LSMPA is formally established by law


EEZ wide Marine Spatial Management Plan (MSMP) was completed and established by law


Niue announces commitment to 100% protection of its EEZ, compared to 7% of world’s oceans protected