NOW trust will support 4 main areas of conservation, resilience and sustainable development actions in Niue

Enhanced ocean compliance and management capabilities
through integration of local villages in enhanced monitoring and protection efforts for Niue’s ocean.

  • Enhanced compliance and enforcement capability
  • Village sustainable resource use management plan
  • Dedicated sustainable tourism accreditation officer

Sustainability, climate resilience and risk reduction for Niue’s blue economy to ensure conservation efforts are durable in the long-term through financing and supporting.

  • Climate-resilience for local sustainable accredited businesses
  • Sustainable eco-tourism
  • Sustainable development projects
  • Risk reduction financing

Building local capacity for conservation and sustainable development including the institutionalization of NOW Trust activities.

  • Blue economy career development
  • Preservation of vagahau niue (Niuean language) associated with ocean ecosystem and practices
  • Education and training for Niuean people and children in marine conservation

Opportunity cost mitigation to alleviate economic impact of conservation efforts.

NOW Trust’s sustainable financing strategy

NOW Trust, which includes a sinking fund and an endowment, forms the heart of Niue's sustainable financing mechanism.

By leveraging OCCs and other contributions from bilateral, corporate, philanthropic and individual sponsors,

NOW Trust aims to establish a NZD 32 million (USD $18M) endowment, which will directly fund annual investment in ongoing robust conservation, resilience and a sustainable blue economy.