OUR VISION is to build a resilient, blue economy that reinforces long term ocean protection climate resilience and sustainable development for Niue

Who we are

Niue Ocean Wide is Niue's first Public-Private Partnership between the Government of Niue and Tofia Niue, a local non profit organisation. After 7 years of working successfully together to protect Niue's ocean, NOW is evolving into a Trust - the Niue and Ocean Wide (NOW) Trust which forms the basis of a fit for purpose financing mechanism to enable long-term predictable and sustainable funding to support Niue's Ocean conservation, resilience and sustainability into the future. In addition to contributions from NOW Trust Contributors and other funding mechanisms, a principal means to raise funding to capitalise the Trust will be through the first-of-its-kind 'Ocean Conservation Commitments' (OCCs).

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NOW Trust was established with two principles in mind

1. Global responsibility

Niueans and all members of the global community share the values and benefits of our oceans and its ecosystems.

Through this shared perspective, we also have a shared responsibility to act with urgent, tangible impact to protect our oceans against growing threats.

2. Country-driven conservation

NOW Trust will enable Niue to shift from donor-dependent, project-based activities to country-driven, holistic sustainable implementation.

This approach to sustainable financing and country-led conservation efforts aims to act as a catalyst for other SIDS.

Our objectives

Establish EEZ-wide Marine Spatial Management Plan (MSMP) inclusive of our Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas (LSMPA) Niue Moana Mahu

Integrate compliance and implementation strategy in conservation and production practices

Support value of ocean conservation and other social, economic and cultural benefits through sustainable financing

Niue is like no other place on Earth

Niue is a small island developing state (SIDS) with a population of 1,700 located in the South Pacific Ocean and in free association with New Zealand. With a large ocean area and an economy driven by tourism, fisheries and exports, Niue is one of the first countries to commit to protecting 100% of waters in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Its unique waters are home to globally significant marine ecosystems, including

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any third party websites linked.

Our board

NOW Trust Board will be represented by members across local government, nonprofit and private institutions who possess significant expertise and rigorous oversight to ensure and monitor effective performance of the NOW Trust and its endowment.

Our Project Advisory Team (PAT)

Our team consists of individuals – many of whom are from Niue – with a strong passion for conservation. They have played a critical role in establishing Niue as a global leader in protecting our oceans. See below to get to know our team.

Our partners

As a public-private partnership, NOW Trust works closely with partners across government, ocean and conservation organizations, universities, and regional institutions to establish and implement marine initiatives. In addition to these partners, NOW Trust works on the ground with Niuean village leaders, schools, businesses and organizations to develop education programs and ensure activities support community values.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any third party websites linked.